Week 6 IDP Play & Pine, Waiver Pick Ups + DST Streamer

Happy week 6 everyone!!!!!!! The IDP Chef here with you and I hope you are HUNGRY.

Week 5 went well for several Jacksonville Jags IDPs… Had a couple of those on the play of the week. But also Miami Dolphins DB Reshad Jones had an amazing week, he is a keeper in my league of record (unfortunately not mine), and proved to be a good choice leading all IDPs with 23.20 points. I have never mentioned him before because I consider him an elite safety…If he’s available in your league he’s a weekly must start.


There are some intriguing match ups in week 6. The Denver Broncos hosting the busted New York Giants after a bye week?!?!?!?! New Orleans Saints going to Detroit against a one legged M. Stafford…. after a bye week. We must not forget the mega defensive showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars… The chow line is serving hot treats this week!

IDP Plays

Denver Broncos LB V. Miller will have at least 2 sacks on Eli this week. Los Angeles Charger J. Bosa will have a big week, likely 2 sacks as well. I rarely suggest cornerbacks but I think Arizona Cardinal DB P. Peterson will get an interception off of J. Winston. I also like Kansas City Chiefs LB D. Johnson against the Steelers. Johnson is a tackling machine and after Big Ben’s 5 INT game last week, I expect at least 25 carries from RB L. Bell.

IDP Pines

Bye weeks — Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks.

If you have IDPs on those teams put them on your bye unless you are in a 1 IDP format… and even then I would hold on to Cincinnati Bengal LB V. Burfict (the dude is my favorite IDP… and for good reason, he gets WR 1 numbers almost every week) or Seattle Seahawk LB B. Wagner, he led all IDPs in points last year. Keep an eye out for LA Ram LB M.Baron, the dude brings the BOOM! If he is not practicing Friday then put him on the bench because Jacksonville Jaguar RB Leonard Fournette brings the BOOM too, and one hard hit to a bummed shoulder could sit Baron the rest of the game. Jacksonville Jaguar DB J. Ramsey is a premier cornerback and had a great stat line of 7 tackles, 1 INT, and 4 passes defended last week, but I think he simply shuts down Sammy Watkins and does not get many looks.

IDP Waiver Pick Ups

I think Green Bay will feast on the Vikings, get Green Bay Packers LBs N. Perry and B. Martinez and watch the points roll in. Also Miami Dolphins LB. L. Timmons seems to have whatever issue he was going through fixed, and is back to being a thumper out there.. Pick him up Coach. Also Chicago Bear LB D. Trevathan should have a good return.

Streaming DST

If you picked up the Jets, like I did, you got 11.50 points last week. This week I like the Green Bay Packers. I picked them up and I have faith that their defense will step up in a division game which Case Keenum or a one legged Sam Bradford will be the Minnesota Vikings quarterback. Either way I see several sacks, a couple turnovers, and the running game being shut down by the Packers defense.

Stay Hungry my friends!!

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